Have a Great Shit

The Best Bathroom Book

Written and Illustrated by Jesse Karras

This hilarious and equally helpful guidebook teaches you everything you need to know for making and taking great shits, like what foods, postures, and techniques will help you go like a pro. You will also learn valuable life-saving tips, such as how to improvise without toilet paper, avoiding germs in public restrooms, effectively unclogging the toilet, and even how to shit in the woods. With tons of useful information, fun cartoons, and plenty of potty humor, this fun little book will leave you laughing and learning from start to finish!

Holy Shit Only $7.99!

"This is a must-have book for every bathroom!"
Dr. Charles Hamori, M.D.

“Full of wit, charm (for a poop book that is saying a lot), and actually useful information about your bathroom activities, this little book is sure to provide some educational entertainment to while away your time. Love the accompanying illustrations too!” – Amazon Reviewer

As a registered nurse, I understand the importance of elimination. It is paramount that my patients have normal healthy bowel movements. In fact, without this vital function, a patient’s hospital discharge process is often delayed, in short, elimination complications are a disruption to a persons physical and emotional well being. This book offers medically important insights that I have been able utilize in my profession. Humerous and in layman’s terms, this book is an easy enjoyable read that I will definitely continue to share with my patients.
– Amazon Reviewer